Comprehensive Pregnancy Coaching

We are Board Certified Nurse Midwives who use evidence-based medical knowledge, training, and experience for an optimal approach to your wellness in pregnancy. We will empower you through education and foster positive relationships between you and your delivery team. We are not just educators. We are Nurse Midwives. Our approach is method-neutral, unbiased, and nurturing. We will assist you in developing meaningful and attainable birth plans and bridge the gap between traditional birth practice and modern medicine. We believe that the most important thing for any expecting mother is that you have the information you need to make confident choices for the most fulfilled birth experience possible.



Comprehensive Pregnancy Coaching

• Conception thru the first 4 weeks postpartum
• Monthly 1-hour virtual consultations (9 hours total)
• Includes unlimited text and email communication with your midwife
• Includes enrollment in all classes
• Includes 1-hour lactation consultant (additional lactation hours can be added for a fee)

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