Confident Package

This package includes everything in the prepared package with the added benefit of infant safety and 3 hours of pregnancy coaching. The membership allows you to email any question to the midwives and gives you access to live, monthly group Q&A sessions. We will be available to answer your questions and fill in any questions left unanswered. You will be confident in your journey from pregnancy into motherhood.

You’ll receive a link to register for each of your classes and for your initial coaching consultation upon payment.  You may choose either the live virtual classes or self-paced online classes  




Confident Package

○ Childbirth (virtual or self-guided)
○ Breastfeeding (virtual or self-guided)
○ Infant Safety self-guided course
○ 3 Hours of Pregnancy Coaching
○ Resource package

Includes a monthly 30-minute group Q&A! (View dates).

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